Hi, There. Welcome to the Ubiklan story. What we do and why we do it.
Our story began with two plane tickets. Destination to Jakarta, Indonesia. One is from Taiwan. The other is all the way from the States. Both with no return flights.
Founded in 2016, Ubiklan pioneered tech-based vehicle advertising, specializing in car branding. At the heart of it, Ubiklan operates based on the foundation of sharing-economy. We connect private space owners with businesses to launch tech-based out-of-home advertising, and they’re not limited to just cars anymore.
Meet Ubiklan.
The Ubiquitous Iklan.
Ubiklan is literally the advertising that goes everywhere. Just look at our name. We’re ubiquitous iklan at heart and mind. That means, we continuously strive to expand the horizons of out-of-home advertising beyond what your brand already knows. So that you too, can be everywhere.
About images
About images
Ubiklan is an innovative technology startup that aims to disrupt the offline advertising industry. We are breaking the stereotype to offline advertising in ways you’ve never imagined before. With our cutting edge technology, we become the most effective offline advertising platform that is trackable, easy to scale, and cost efficient.
We believe in the power of sharing economy. Our mission is to create an environment where both our partners and companies can have a shared collaboration and a mutually beneficial connection, hence a win-win solution for both sides. Ubiklan is committed to deliver a positive impact to the society.
Head Office
Mall Taman Palem, Parkiran Lantai 8
Jl. Kamal Raya, Kel. Cengkareng Timur, Kec. Cengkareng
Jakarta Barat DKI Jakarta, 11730
0819-1554-4575 support@ubiklan.com
Branch Office
Apartemen Gunawangsa Merr, Unit OA-319
Jalan Raya Kedung Baruk No.96, Rungkut
Surabaya, 60298
0817-0331-1392 support@ubiklan.com