Terms of Use
By using Ubiklan’s web application, you have agreed that you have read, understood, accepted, and agreed to the Usage Application. This usage Application is legally binding between you and PT Helpio Glovin Teknologi. Technology, services, and Application (as defined below) that is valid on your visit and use on our website at www.ubiklan.com

Please cancel your account if you have applied for the Application and permanently delete the Application from your device, if you disagree or do not want to participate in this Usage policy.

Please check the Usage Policy and our Privacy Policy meticulously, before you download or use the Application and our services.
  1. General Terms
    1. PT Helpio Glovin Teknologi is a company established under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia ("We" or "Ours").
    2. This Application is web-based application ("Application") that functions as a media to match our clients ("Advertiser") with individuals that owns or rides private vehicles; cars and motorcycles ("Services"). Through this Application, Advertiser shall be able to input advertisement offerings that shall be shared with Partner, and the advertisement will therefore be put on Partner’s vehicles in the form of a sticker, advertisement board or other forms. Advertiser is obligated to provide all details before submitting their order, in which information that correlates with the advertisements will be shared with Partner verbally.
    3. Following the submission of the advertisement campaign through the Application, we will be taking charge of every operational aspect ("Service"), from connecting Advertiser with the right Partner, giving product knowledge, advertisement size-adjusting, printing, installation, as well as being responsible of tax payment and permit.
    4. We will do everything in our power to connect Advertiser with the most suitable Partner to run the campaign, depending on Partner’s whereabouts, areas most frequently travelled by Partner and Partner’s car condition. However, Partner also reserves the right to accept or reject the advertisement offer.
    5. This Application allows Advertiser to monitor on-campaign Partner’s information ("Service"), including but not limited to; vehicle police number, vehicle color, brand, vehicle model and Partner’s real-time location. Location information will be obtained by the tracking device or GPS that has been installed on Partner’s smartphone and vehicle.
    6. We will do everything in our power to ensure that our Partner maintains advertisement well enough as long as the contract duration that has been agreed upon. If the advertisement that has been set up experience defects, change of shape, or significant color change, polluted, or else that causes the advertisement to not remain as its original shape, partner is required to report to us and we will proceed to the renewal process.
    7. You declare and guarantee that you are an individual that by law deserves to arrange an agreement that binds, based on the law of the Republic of Indonesia, especially the Usage Policy to use the Application and that you are at least 21 years, and is not under any guardianship. If not, we reserve the right to cancel the agreement that has been made with you as an entity of law, you must declare and guarantee that you have the authority to arrange and bind self-entity to this User Policy and applied for Services and Application.
    8. We collect and process your company’s information, such as: name, jobs, campaign strategy, products, your advertisement information, location and area.
    9. You promise that you will use the Application for the intended purposes to get advertisement offers and maintain advertisement until the end of contract. You are prohibited to misuse or use the Application for deception purposes or cause discomfort to other people or perform a false advertising.
    10. You are not allowed to endanger, change, or modify the Application and Web site or try to endanger, change, or modify the Application and website in any way. We are not held responsible if you do not have a compatible software. We have the right to ban you from using the Application further if you use the Application with an incompatible software, illegal, or for other purposes besides the intended purpose of this Application. You pledge that you will only use the access path that has been allowed for your use.
    11. You agree and understand that the usage of Application by you will be covered under our Privacy Policy as can be changed from time to time, By using this Application, you also have given an agreement as ruled over by the Privacy Policy.
    12. By giving information to us, you have declared that you reserve the right to give to us information that we will use and share with our Partner.
    13. We can, based on our policy, give promotions that can be exchanged for related purposes with Application usage. You have agreed that you will only use that promotion as intended and not misuse, replicate, sell, or redirect the promotion in any way. You also understand that the promotion can not be exchanged with cash and can end on certain dates, even before you use it.
    14. Please inform us if you no longer own control over your account, for example: if your account with however way was hacked or your phone got stolen, so we can cancel your account, as it must be done. Please note that you are responsible of the use of your personal account and you possibly can be held liable even if your account was misused by other person.
  2. Guarantee
    We do not give any statement, guarantee, or warrantee to be depended on punctuality, quality, accuracy, or completeness from Services, Website, and Application. We do not state or guarantee that:
    1. Usage of Services and Application will be safe, punctual, without disturbance or free from error or operated with the combination of other hardware, software, system, or data.
    2. Mistakes or defects in Application and Website will be fixed.
    3. Application or servers that provides Application is free from virus or other dangerous components.
  3. Our responsibility
    We are not held responsible for every damage or detriment that is caused by the actions towards our Partner’s vehicle. We also are not held responsible for mistakes, including traffic violation, or criminal activity that is done by Partner during the implementation of advertisement. Partner is just our working friend/colleague, not an employee, agent, or our representative. We use technical ways and safety that is exact and proper to maintain the safety of Application and the freedom from virus and fault. However, no matter how effective the technology, there is no safety system that can’t be breached. Hence, we cannot guarantee the safety of our database and we also can not guarantee that information that you have given will not be detained or disturbed when it was sent to us.
  4. Permission
    1. You are not allowed to (i) copy, modify, adapt, interpret, or make derivative creation from, redistribute, give licensing, sell, redirect, bring forward to the public, reconstruct, transmit, move, broadcast, decompose, or disclose any parts of or from other ways that can possibly exploit the Application, unless however was allowed in this Usage Policy. (ii) Give licensing, sublicense, sell, sell back, move, redirect, redistribute, commercially exploit or make available to third party Application or software by (iii) creating an internet “link” to Application, “frame”, or “mirror” every software on other server or hardware or what’s internet based (iv) manipulate or access our software to (a) build product or competing services, (b) build products with an idea feature, or function or graphic type Application or (c) copy idea, figure, function, or graphic Application, (v) Launch automatic program or script, including, but not limited to web spiders, web crawlers, web robots, web ants, web indexers, bots, virus or worm, or any kind of program that makes several server requests per second or create a huge burden or impede operation and Application performance. (Vi) Use robot, spider, web search/ application withdrawal or hardware and software other manual or automatic, process to take, index, data mine, or with anyway multiply or evade navigation structure and presentation from Application or its content (vii) publish, redistribute, or multiply in any way the materials that have been protected by copyrights, brand, of other information that is owned without obtaining approval from the owner of copyright. (viii) Delete every copyright, brand, or announcement of other copyrights that is part of the application. There is no license or right that is given to you with the implication based on intellectual property that is owned or controlled by us or our license provider, unless for licensing and that right has been explicitly and firmly given on this Usage Policy.
    2. You (i) will not send spams or messages that are duplicates or unrequested, violate the law; (ii) will not send or save materials that violates the law; (ii) will not send or save materials that transgress, is pervert, threatening, falsely claiming, or violate the law or have sadistic quality, including but not limited to dangerous materials for children or that violates third party privacy rights. (iii) Will not send materials that contain virus, worm, Trojan horses, or dangerous computer codes, document/file, script, agent, or program; (iv) not disturbing or mess with the integrity, Application performance, or the data in it. (v) not attempt to get unlawful access to the Application, system , or related network. (vi) not hide as a person, or other entity, or depict yourself as an someone’s affiliation or an entity; (vii) restrain yourself to be involved with actions that may destroy our reputation or be considered to ruin our reputation.
    3. We reserve the right to investigate and prosecute every infraction as long as permitted by law. We can involve and work together with the law enforcement in prosecuting users that violates this Usage Policy, You admit that we do not have a responsibility to monitor your access to the use of Websites and Applications, but we have the right to do it for operational purposes of the Website and Application, to ensure compliance with this Usage Policy, or for obeying rules that are in effect, order, or requirements from law, administrative institution, or other institutions.
  5. Relating to Intellectual Property
    1. UBIKLAN, including name and logo, Application and Services, is protected by copyright, brands, and other rights that’s provided based on the law of Republic Indonesia. We (and our license provider) exclusively owns all rights, ownership in and towards Application, including all intellectual property rights that are related.
    2. Without deviating from our rights based on law in effect or Usage Policy, you are told that every use or real violation of this policy will cause a termination from all of your rights under Usage Policy. If you evade one of our ways that we take to protect services from usage illegally, you should immediately stop every and all use of Services, and you must agree to do it.
  6. Ending/Termination
    1. You are not obligated to use the Application and website and can choose to stop using it every time by cancelling your account, under the conditions that you are not running campaigns and/or you are not under contract with us. Cancellation of account will be resulting in the non activation of Usage Policy.
    2. You can end your account by telling us you mean to cancel your account. We will try to do the best to settle the termination.
    3. We reserve the right to postpone, limit, or stop the Usage Policy and use of Application if we have reasons to suspect that you have broken the policy from this Usage Policy or the rules of law in effect.
    4. You can not move or redirect your right based on Usage Policy, without written agreement before from us, We can move or redirect your right based on Usage Policy to other party solely and absolutely according to our policy.
    5. This Usage Policy can be modified and changed from time to time. We will tell you through Application and/or email of modification, of changes of the Usage Policy. After this notification has been accepted as your agreement and acceptance of modification or changes, The Usage Policy is continuously used.
  7. Conditions and Provisions
    1. Advertiser is obligated to provide the accurate and complete information regarding type and item specification that will be sent.
    2. Ubiklan will not be responsible directly for accidents that involve the drivers and damage towards the vehicle, including body injuries that are caused by that accident. The driver will be fully responsible of responsibilities and all cost as well as law suits that may arise from that condition.