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Infusing Modernity into Traditional Car Branding Approaches.
Ubiklan Accent
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Why Use Ubiklan?
The short answer is because there’s absolutely no reason not to.
Online-based everything
Launching, managing, and tracking your ads are available and accessible online through our web-app.
Real-time tracking and monitoring
Our GPS technology allows you to know exactly where the car is heading. Live data is possible in just a click away from the web app anytime and anywhere.
Big data analytics
Our BIG data system and algorithms let you know the number of impressions earned per location and time. Everything is summarized daily and monthly, and easily accessed online.
At about IDR 3.1 per impression, Ubiklan costs so much less than other out-of-home alternatives. You’ll be surprised at how perfectly fit into your budget, even if you’re small or medium businesses.
You will see why our tech-driven branding makes us different.
Get a big picture of your campaign as easy as a click off a button. The web app tool helps you get the job done with launching, managing, and monitoring your campaign.
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Active drivers in total
Cities all across
Campaigns launched
and counting
>150 Million
Over hundreds of
millions km travelled
Your brand. All across the nation.
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